Create Your Own Photography Book or Portfoilio

Photographers and graphic designers should rejoice. There is now an easier way to print a portfolio or book of personal work that does not cost a fortune. Do hand made books look and feel great? Yes, they do. Do we have the hours and money it takes to produce them, not always. offers a way to present your images, designs and text in book form at a very reasonable cost. They have templates to make the design easy, but for the more advanced designer blurb allows you to create your own template. The cost starts at $12.95 and works up from there, but for the most part it will range in the $35 to $60 price bracket for a hard back 4-color book. The price they print hardcover books is cheaper than what it costs me to replace one set of inkjet printer cartridges or buy a single box of high quality fine art printing paper. That is a far cry from the $600 plus price bracket we have been playing in and the print quality is amazingly good, especially if you abide by the rules of 300 ppi images at proper publishing size and use some measure of monitor color correction (colorimeter or spectrophotometer).

You can make different versions of the book, or make different books. Now you can afford to spend the extra time working on creative enterprises instead of struggling with the technical production work. That is no means an excuse not to learn the technical aspects of color correction and printing photography, but it is a often a better way to use your time and still produce quality work. You can have each book printed one copy at a time as needed or sell them in their online store – both are time savers.

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