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United States citizens are required to have a passport to travel outside the country. It is easy to drive over the Canadian or Mexican border without a passport; however, to fly, boat or cruise into another country requires a passport. Visas and/or work permits may also be necessary depending on the length of stay, the country and if you intend to work outside the U.S.

Information on how to obtain a passport and the associated costs can be found in the Links section or by using the passport link at the bottom of this page. I recommend that everyone get a passport so it is never a hinderance to travel.

Everyone should consult their doctor or physician before travelling (especially overseas) and carry any subscriptions in clearly labeled bottles as well as written down on a piece of paper that is easily accessable in case of emergency. Always carry eye glass subscriptions and/or contact lens subscriptions with you. Glasses and contact lenses are fairly easily replaced if you have your subscription.
Keep your passport with you when travelling overseas. I recommend that you lock it in your hotel safe at night or when on advernturous excursions. Keep two copies of your passport (and visa if the country requires a visa) - place one in your luggage and keep one with you.

Passport information for United States citizens

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Last updated Sunday February 5, 2017