January, 2007 Archive

Berlin to Budapest Trip

Several people have asked about recent travels. I am happy to announce that the latest trip is from Berlin to Budapest (including a 7-day Danube river cruise on the brand new Amalagro river cruise ship) starting on April 27, 2007 and going through May 13, 2007. It is a 17-day trip that includes great sightseeing and touring as well as the opportunity to take some incredible pictures. The trip, planned through University Educational Travel (UET), takes us from Berlin to Dresden, Prague and Vienna before ending in Budapest. The heart of Europe is yours to experience. We will have good guides, a few group tours and a free time in each location to do our own shopping, photography, sightseeing, etc. Please see the links above for more information or contact me via the form on the contact page.

Travelling is something that I enjoy and I try to help others scratch their travel itch by planning trips to include all high quality hotels (nothing below 3-star), good meals when we have group meals, all travel arrangements, etc. Leave the details up to me and enjoy your vacation.

I am a photographer, history buff and an overall curious person, we will go, see and experience places off the beaten track (as well as the must see iconic sites) to make things a little more interesting and to delve into the culture of the place(s) we visit. As always, I give free photographic lessons and advice, digital or analog (film), and will help you capture the essence of the places, people and culture as we travel together.

If you are just looking for a few travel web sites or are looking for travel information please visit the Links section of the site under the Travel heading or the Travel Tips section of the site by clicking Travel at the top of the page.