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Manuals for photography equipment that may be checked out at the cage. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view most manuals.


Custom made ICC color profiles for the Epson 2200 and 4000 printers. If you need factory default or stock profiles please go to the web site of the paper or printer manufacturer.


Applications of various types - color correction software, business software, etc. A broadband connection is highly recommended as many applications are large files.

The Xrite PulseColor Elite software may be downloaded from the Xrite web site. The serial number and activation number are listed below for installation. Either set of serial/activation codes work, but they cannot be mixed and matched, you have to use one set or the other.

Serial Number: XP-CPMN10-RVR6BH-LAQQ88
Activation Code: VF9EQ7Q4MXM

Serial Number: XP-CPMN10-8NSTNG-A377R7
Activation Code: 9FZE6764PX6