International Driving Permit

If you intend to rent a vehicle (car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, etc.) in a country outside your own, you will probably be asked to provide your country driver’s license and an international driver’s license. The license is fairly easy to get, it just requires a little time to go to the local AAA (American Automobile Association) location or AATA (American Automobile Touring Association) office. At a minimum you will be asked to show your current driver’s license with at least a year until expiration, two 2-inch by 2-inch passport sized pictures and a pay a small fee to obtain a valid International Driver’s License.

Please check out the following sites for more information and PDF forms.

Remember to ask about vehicle renters insurance, safety requirements, country driving requirements and driving laws as well as driving etiquette when driving outside your own country. Each country has its own laws and when we are must abide by their laws.

United States Department of State

National Transportation Library

AAA (American Automobile Association)

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  1. teddybeaver Says:

    I just thought that International drivers permit is enough to drive in other countries. Thanks for the information. Hope to see more posts about the requirements and the things which we need to carry while driving in other countries.

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