When I teach I require my students to keep a Journal. It is a good practice to write, draw, scribble, cut and paste, etc. to put those personal and/or creative thoughts down in a place where they may be retrieved later. Plus, it is a good idea to make a practice of brainstorming and keeping the ideas for later projects. You never know when you may need an idea… and you may have already had it.

Journals can be personal… to the point of a diary. Or they can be code like DiVinci. Or they can be a place to store ideas. And they can be all of the above which is the approach I promote.

Listed below are some examples of other creatives posting their ideas, thoughts and personal laundry for everyone to see.

Live Journal (Secrets)

Post Secret

Max Pamalso see “Indian Ocean Journals”

Bill Burke – “I like to Take Picture”, “And They Shall Cast Out Deamons”, “Mine Fields”, etc.

Dan Eldon

Sam Abell

Peter Beard

Duane Michals

Nan Golden… sorry, no link

And more recently… Annie Liebowitz

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